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Aeroquip reduced diameter barrier A/C hose
This is slick - now you don't have to go out of your garage to hook up your A/C.  These fittings use two O rings and little cages that hold the hose to the fitting with two special clamps.  Another nice thing about the reduced diameter hose is the bend radius - try doing this with your regular A/C hose!  I'm using this on the '32 I'm building in Breslau.  Fittings are less money than stainless, but more than the standard aluminum.  Give us a call for more information!
That's not fuel line... that's -10 reduced barrier hose!

Here's the -6
Heidt's Ball Joint Caps
I know these aren't really new, and if you really want to get legalistic we can change the title to "Hot New and Neat Products".  Mustang II ball joint caps made by Heidt's are fully polished stainless and they really shine up those greasy upper ball joints.
#MP-035 $39.83
Ron Francis Wiring's fuse panel mounting plate:
When you need better access to your fuse panel, use this slick DROP DOWN bracket. Just install and wire the car, when finished you can "unhook" and drop the panel down for better access.  Part # HP-37
Unicoils are a neat new way to bend rubber hose without kinking it. You
don't have to put up with big loops of hose coming off your compressor -
with these little springs, you can route your rubber hose with the same
accuracy as stainless line! They're all stainless, with a "spine" that
holds the hose at the angle you want.

For 1/2" hose 28510 $8
For 5/8" hose 28511 $8.50
For 3/4" hose 28512 $9

I know it seems like I'm on an LED kick, but they're just coming along so neat-ly lately. These pieces are made by Lambert Enterprises. They're little LED boards that fit inside stock tail light housings! They are available for pretty much everything, and you can get universal ones too.
$135 for the pair, does not include housings.
Speedway has come out with these very cool LED '38/'39 Ford tail lights. They use a stock glass lens and have around 27 diodes in the housing to light up the whole lens, not just a little dot.
911-37014 $42/ea
For all you show car guys (and even those who don't like rusty nuts)
Midwest Acorn Nut Co. has an extensive line of special nickel chrome plated and 300 series polished stainless hardware. From acorn nuts to lockwashers to carriage bolts to hex nuts to bolt caps, they've got it all, and it's all shiny. We've got a sampling of pretty much everything, so come on in and have a look, or check out their downloadable online catalog. Warning: if you're on dial-up, it's going to take a while. Some of their stuff: